AAP accuses Congress of giving jobs to relatives of MPs and ministers as part of ‘Vidhan Sabha’ recruitment

CHANDIGAR: Harjot Singh Bains, a senior leader of the Aam AAdmi Party (AAP), has accused the Congress government of fraud in the process of recruiting assembly workers. While exposing Congress with strong evidence, he said that despite giving jobs to eligible youths/candidates, the Congress government recruited children, parents and close relatives of MPs and cabinet ministers. Instead of Punjab, people from outside Punjab also got jobs ignoring the rules which is a complete betrayal of the youth of Punjab.

He said Congress, which promised to provide jobs to every household after forming the government, used its police to beat unemployed youths with clubs and gave its leaders jobs. Punjab’s unemployed youths had been protesting in the streets and against the water reservoirs for five years, but instead of giving jobs to the youths, the unrepentant Congress government deliberately prioritized their family and loved ones.

When publishing the list of recruitments made in the Secretariat (Vidhan Sabha) in the past 5 years, Bains said that those recruited are close and well-known relatives of prominent Congress leaders, MPs and Ministers of Punjab. Among them, some are very close to senior officials (all details are in the list). He also raised the issue of the requirement of people from outside Punjab and said, “”Is everyone in Punjab employed that Congress is giving government jobs to the people of Himachal Pradesh and from Haryana?”?

Referring to some names on the list, he said that Siddharth Thakur, who was recruited as Information NCO in the Legislative Assembly, is the son of bureaucrat VC Thakur, who is close to Rana KP Singh. Similarly, Manjinder Singh of Sangrur and son of Ram Singh who is the nephew of Surjit Singh Dhiman Congress MLA, Gaurav Thakur of hoshiarpur, son of Rajesh Singh is also a relative of Rana KP Singh. Parveen Kumar son of Premchband who is nephew of ex-MP Joginder Singh, two brothers Gaurav Rana and Saurabh Rana son of Prem Chand who is parent of Rana KP Singh, Rakesh Kumar son of Harbans Lal who is the chairman of market committee of Anandpur Sahib.

Bains further stated that after his appointment to the Legislative Assembly, he was transferred to DC’s office, Ropar. He does not go to the Legislative Assembly or the DC office and does not receive a salary while sitting at home. Similarly, Ajay Kumar’s son, Ram Swaroop, who is from Bathinda and works under Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal, has never spoken a single day in the Legislative Assembly and receives a free salary. Avtar Singh is the son of former Congress minister Pawan Kumar Bansal’s driver, Kuldeep Singh Mann is from the staff of Manpreet Badal, Pramod Kumar son of Kamaldeep who is the son of the director of PRTC. Harjot Singh Bains alleged that the scam was not limited to here, many of them were handed meeting letters on their fake address. Anju Bala, daughter of Dharampal and brother-in-law of the Secretary to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Rana KP Singh. Suraj Preet Kaur is the Vice President’s niece; Tarun Sharma is the daughter-in-law of the former Secretary of the Legislative Assembly, Lakhanpal Mishra’s sister.

Bains alleged that for recruitment, a nominating cell was set up, keeping the rules aside and a committee formed under it. Only people were included in this committee who worked under the influence of Congress and signed the appointment document. Not only that, their children were also “adjusted” to give a “prize” to the signing committee.
Bains demanded a CBI investigation into the matter and also said that if the Aam Aadmi party forms the government in Punjab, a CBI investigation will be conducted into the matter. People whose money was taken will be returned to them. In addition, all relatives of the leaders who have been recruited will also be investigated.

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