An American manufacturer among the exhibitors of furniture at the Guadalajara show

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LOS ANGELES — Jonathan Bass, CEO of PTM Images, Innova Luxury Group and direct selling furniture brand Whom Home, announces his company’s participation in the winter edition of the biannual International Furniture Expo (International Furniture Expo) in Guadalajara, Mexico, from February 16 to 19.

During the Mexican show dates, Bass will exhibit furniture under the “Home & Body” banner in the lobby of the Guadalajara Show, space 2031, including the pre-release date, February 15.

“The Guadalajara show gives us the opportunity to showcase the full range of our mid-to-high end upholstery, storage furniture and accent items production capabilities,” says Bass, who s expects US furniture buyers to attend the event in Mexico looking for quick fixes. ship products.

Last fall, Bass, which is based in Los Angeles and operates finishing facilities here, announced an expansion of the Mexico-based company’s state-of-the-art furniture factory in response to supply chain challenges. world. Located in Sonora, Mexico, the plant’s footprint has been doubled to 400,000 square feet to supply its US customers.

Through its investment in local manufacturing, Bass is committed to meeting pre-pandemic delivery times for U.S. buyers. “The industry needs to return to four- to six-week deliveries to maintain retail profits and viability,” he says. “Sourcing from reliable manufacturers closer to the point of purchase is the first step in achieving this.”

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