Another high-profile exit at BCPA: JongHun Kim exited as art director

JongHun Kim has left his post as artistic director of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts.

WGLT learned of the departure earlier this week. City of Bloomington spokeswoman Katherine Murphy confirmed Kim’s last day of work was February 22.

The city does not comment on personnel matters and no other details were available.

The BCPA suffered a notable setback in November 2021 when the highly anticipated 25th anniversary production of the musical “Rent” was canceled. Kim previously told WGLT that of all the shows scheduled for the season, he was looking forward to “Rent.”

But according to a BCPA press release, the show was scuttled due to technical difficulties.

“We are heartbroken that we had to cancel this iconic show. We know how much this show means to so many people and we hope ticket buyers understand that we had no other choice,” said Kim in the release.

Kim’s departure adds to a growing list of high profile vacancies as BCPA manager James Mack and production manager Ryan High both left their positions on January 5. Murphy declined to provide details of Mack’s departure. Mack previously pleaded guilty to domestic battery charges. Murphy confirmed that High quit the day Mack left.

All three positions remain vacant. Eric Veal, director of parks, recreation, arts and culture for the city, said the department is working on future plans for leadership positions. Veal said he hopes to be able to provide more information in the coming weeks.

But persistent vacancies could point to a potential restructuring of BCPA management. In an interview with WGLT on March 1, City Manager Tim Gleason indicated that the city is considering merging the management of the BCPA with the Grossinger Motors Arena, which is also downtown. Gleason said at the time that the city was drafting a job description for a general manager who would oversee the two sites.

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