Becky Hammon Brings Her Legendary Mentorship to AT&T’s “She’s Connected”

A key sponsor of the WNBA, AT&T believes “She’s Connected” can help transform a cultural landscape where less than 10% of media coverage focuses on women’s sports. As if that weren’t discouraging enough, by some estimates, female leagues, teams and athletes receive less than 1% of all corporate sponsorship dollars. (Recently, brands like AT&T, Buick, Michelob, and Degree have launched programs to fill those gaps.)

“She’s Connected” streams on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch, as well as Bleacher Report and Just Women’s Sports.

Below, AT&T’s Sabina Ahmed, corporate assistant vice president, sponsorships and experiential marketing, discusses the campaign’s role as an agent of change:

Muse: What inspired AT&T to launch the program?

Sabina Ahmed: As we began to think about how AT&T could use its brand and scale to positively impact women in sports, two words stood out: authenticity and action. We started to see an increase in brands sponsoring a variety of teams and leagues, but we saw a white space that allowed us to take an action-oriented approach to investing directly in the lives of these athletes. from a financial and otherwise beneficial perspective—provision of products and services, mentoring, etc.

Through our work with leagues like the WNBA and our arrival as an inaugural WNBA changemakerAT&T’s work focuses on increasing the visibility of women in sports and entertainment to prove their worth in a way that challenges other brands to follow their lead.

Can you describe some achievements of “She’s Connected”?

First and foremost, we’ve worked with amazing athletes to support them in and out of their professional careers. As for last year’s series, we provided Chiney with a litany of products and services to keep her connected during the pandemic, as she became the first black woman to co-host a national radio show on ESPN. We became Alex Morgan’s first media partner when she launched her company TOGETHXR. We helped Maria Fassi connect with Nicole Anderson, President of the AT&T Foundation, for advice and support as she worked to start a foundation, which is now up and running.

Finally, Sue Bird used her platform to highlight an organization she was passionate about, The TransLatin@ Coalition. As such, we have provided a range of products and services to keep them connected on the pitch as they continue their fight for equality.

How did Becky get involved? Had she worked with AT&T before?

As a longtime member of the San Antonio community, where AT&T was headquartered, we had always wanted to work with Becky Hammon. With her storied career, she has worked to uplift women and blaze her own uncharted path. That’s why she’s a perfect fit for this program and why we wanted to give her the mic to tell her story in her own words.

Can you talk about making the final movie?

Everything she shared in her play and with her mentee Rian, she embodied and staged. She was easy-going but fierce. She was professional but fun. Not to mention fly and fabulous. Rian was beyond grateful to spend a day with someone she considers a mentor, and we were so grateful that we were able to help achieve this goal.


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