British electric car maker set to shake up industry with Illinois-built ‘Ecryptocar’

Soventem is a brand new UK automotive technology company and a manufacturer of zero emission vehicles that will revolutionize the market. Images for illustration purposes.
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Soventem is an automotive technology company and maker of the all-new UK-built zero-emission vehicles set to transform cities around the world with eCryptoCar. Based in London, and will open in a few years Soventem World, a manufacturing and teaching campus in the State of Illinois to produce “eCryptoCar”, a zero-emission vehicle that is carbon neutral. ; One world 1st, which produces Crypto income from each vehicle, shared between the subscriber / owners and vehicle pool members.

In November 2021, world leaders gathered in the UK to ratify a viable environmental solution towards cleaner air and a net-zero society, with the announcement that sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles would end by now. 2030. This bold step means zero emission vehicles are expected to become much more common on our roads in the years to come!

Soventem is a brand new UK automotive technology company and a manufacturer of zero emission vehicles that will revolutionize the market. Established in 2019 after several years of development, the pioneering new company plans to open a new manufacturing and education technology campus in the state of Illinois, employing a few thousand people following a positive meeting at London between Parson the CEO and his team from Soventem. , with Governor JB Pritzker and his economic team.

Every Soventem vehicle has been carefully designed to set itself apart from the competition, and the forward-thinking brand strives to ensure that every aspect of the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. The completely carbon neutral construction uses the most environmentally friendly materials possible, while the innovative and lightweight unibody structure is created using 3D printing additive manufacturing technology. The end result is far fewer components needed to produce a zero emission vehicle with zero material waste.

Soventemzero zero emission vehicles will be meticulously built in Illinois and the brand will work with some of the biggest names in the US market. Scheduled to arrive on American roads in 2025. Soventemdrive systems are low voltage for safety and are developing a power supply system which by 2025 will not require mains recharging or a visit to the hydrogen filling station closest, this revolutionary technology raised eyebrows with car manufacturers!

Along with its carbon neutral manufacturing processes, Soventem seeks to take a new step towards a sustainable lifestyle with a revolutionary futuristic alternative to mining cryptocurrency from your home. With patents pending in the United States and other countries, Soventem is developing the world’s only ‘eCryptoCar’ that has a cryptocurrency mining platform hidden in the vehicle to produce stable income for business owners. Soventem eCryptoCar subscription and Vehicle Pool members, these futuristic zero-emission vehicles, is a bold move for Soventem.

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Aiming to launch in the US in March 2025, with a crypto token capital raise unveiled in January / February 2022, Soventem is set to revolutionize the way people use their vehicles without depreciating vehicle value!

The on-board personalized car assistant, LUCY, will remember each driver, greet them in their own language and provide recommendations to maximize their driving experience. With more and more drivers using carpooling systems and exchanging physical ownership for the monthly subscription model, this is helping to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, reduce overall CO2 in the atmosphere, and improve traffic flow. air quality, especially in large cities.

Robert Parson, CEO and Founder of Soventem, added, There is no denying that zero emission vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. We are already seeing governments introduce laws and laws to reduce the number of gasoline and diesel vehicles on our roads, and in the not-so-distant future, city centers are set to become areas for zero-emission vehicles, with eCryptoCar like ideal vehicle! Parson envisions that Soventem vehicles can be used free of charge in cities around the world.

Our mission is not only to provide drivers with the ability to purchase exciting zero emission vehicles on a subscription basis, but also to introduce a revolutionary new zero emission vehicle sharing program, the ultimate; Alternative to existing carsharing services, and for Soventem subscribers and vehicle pool members to share Crypto revenue from vehicles without using the traditional carsharing platform. There is nothing like driving an “eCryptoCar” which does not require any recharging on the mains and earns you money! And is ideal for those who live in an urban building without direct access to a charging station on the street!

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