C8 Corvette Assembly Plant Details LT6 Build Process and Updates

Bowling Green Assembly Plant Assistant Manager Nora Roper recently gave a presentation during the 2022 Michelin NCM Bash. During the presentation, we got updates on the C8 Corvette, a look at the record LT6 engine build process and other updates.

Each LT6 V8 engine will be hand built

Each engine is assembled by hand at the Performance Build Center, a 20,000 square foot production facility that employs approximately 70 hourly workers and 15 salaried workers. The LT6 V8 engine needs no introduction as it is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 ever installed in a production car. The engine takes around 3.5 hours to build by one builder, with every component carefully inspected. The smart workstation scans tiny codes on each component to ensure quality control. When the engine is complete, it receives a custom signature plate from the manufacturer to signify its stamp of approval.

After a second person inspects the engine, each LT6 is shipped to a local dyno facility to test and ensure the engine is ready to run; the motor is also enabled for outputs. Before the Z06 ships, GM will replace the oil and oil filter, so everything is fresh to the customer.

LT6 V8 engine. Picture via GM.

C8 Corvette Color Options and Assembly Plant Updates

The 2023 Corvette C8 will be the first to get 14 different color options, including the first Corvette Triple Coat Metallic. The White Pearl Metallic is the tri-coat, which starts with a white primer. The machine then adds two different shades of basecoat, one of which contains metal. The paint takes longer to apply because the robot must load each layer before the clear coat can be applied. The second new color is Carbon Flash Metallic. Both colors stand out in the sunlight and are exclusive to the C8 70th Anniversary Edition Corvette. The Corvette 70th Anniversary Edition will also have a new interior color, Ceramic with Red GT2 or Comp Sport Seats.

Bowling Green Assembly factory tours will return, but there is still no specific date at this time. Unfortunately, this also translates to creating your own engine experience, which won’t be available at launch but will be as soon as possible. Earlier this year, UAW workers compiled a list of demands that risked halting production at the plant. According to Roper, this didn’t overcome anything, and production went well, except for supply issues. General Motors has a large team of people working with suppliers for all of their vehicles, researching alternate suppliers and ramping up to ensure production runs as smoothly as possible.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Stingray 70th Anniversary Edition

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