CBS News Launches See It Now Studios, a New In-House Production Workshop Led by Susan Zirinsky

You wonder what Susan zirinsky has it been since he stepped down as chairman of CBS News at the end of April?

Today we found out.

ViacomCBS announced Wednesday that CBS News is launching See It Now Studios, a new content provider that will produce news, documentaries and unscripted programming for Paramount +, CBS, the ViacomCBS family of networks, international broadcasters and other broadcast platforms. contents.

Zirinsky will lead the operation.

“See It Now Studios will offer high-impact, premium non-fiction series and unscripted programming,” Zirinsky said in a statement. “We have a list of powerful projects that use immersive storytelling to illuminate people and places where access is rarely granted. These are strong, story-driven projects, with engaging narratives and compelling characters that will keep viewers watching. All with the high quality standards set by CBS News.

See It Now Studios will develop original documentaries and docuseries, and will be an internal pipeline for the Paramount +, CBS and ViacomCBS networks. The unit will also produce for third-party platforms and partner on projects with external production companies. See It Now Studios productions will be distributed worldwide by ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group.

The studio will also create spinoffs from CBS News brands, drawing on CBS News reporting and resources, and produce “insta-docs” following monumental news events in collaboration with presidents and Co-directors of CBS News. Neeraj Khemlani and Wendy mcmahon.

Joining Zirinsky in See It Now Studios is a Content Oversight Officer Terence is wrong, and Aysu Saliba as supervising producer, development. Grace Kim is the production manager of the unit, and Amy gardner is an associate producer. Executive producer Mitch Weitzner, Sasha Reuther and Danielle Levy will also contribute to See It Now Studios.

See It Now Studios has a full roster of productions slated for 2021 and beyond, with the first two documentaries focusing on the 20th anniversary of September 11.

On Thursday, September 9, Paramount + will air the See It Now Studios production of The 26th Street Garage: The FBI’s Untold Story. Told by Tom selleck, who stars as the New York Police Commissioner in CBS’s Blue Bloods, The 26th Street Garage tells how, in the desperate moments following the 9/11 attacks, the FBI was forced to vacate its New York headquarters. York, and without any resources transformed his parking garage into a new command center. There, officers addressed disturbing questions, such as: Could the attacks have been avoided? But in a few hours, from the 26e Street Garage, agents launched the most complex and significant FBI investigation in US history. In the days that followed, they rewrote the rules of counterterrorism operations forever.

On Friday, September 10, CBS News will present a special two-hour prime-time documentary, Race Against Time: The CIA and 11/9 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. See It Now Studios’ production will feature interviews with senior officials and elite CIA operatives, who will give first-person accounts of their efforts to warn the United States of the potential for an attack. cataclysmic orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden. September 11, 2001 marked the biggest failure in the history of the country’s first spy agency, but also sparked what has become its biggest success, helping to find Bin Laden. For the spies inside the CIA, it was a race against time to get bin Laden, and that race started long before 9/11 and ended long after. Emerging from Langley’s top-secret corridors and covert ops in far-off places, they come to tell their story – many for the first time.

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