Chinmayee Gangopadhyay to shoot Hindi feature film with artists and technicians from Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, September 19: Producer Chinmayee Gangopadhyay will produce a feature film in Hindi, ‘Mystery but True’ which will be shot in and around Jamshedpur with the entire caste and the town’s tech crew. Director Raja Gangopadhyay who wrote the screenplay will also star with Puja Singh as his lead wife. Other artists who will perform major character roles in this romantic thriller are veteran stage and celluloid actor Goutam Shankar Das, Anita Singh, Md Shamim ‘Ulfat’, Raju Mitra, Kiran Mishra and others. It can be mentioned that the main lady of this celluloid company, Puja Singh, is a famous face who has appeared in several popular Bollywood sitcoms.

Raja and Chinmayee Gangopadhyay observed at a press conference on Sunday, September 19: “Jharkhand is not only rich in natural and mineral resources, but also with unique traditional and cultural heritage. To add to Jharkhand’s gifts, there are limitless performing talents who have not found a platform to expose themselves. Production crews from Mumbai and other places have come here to exploit the exquisite locations and used local actors in roles that are hard to forget. We want to break the chains and let Jharkhand’s talents leave their mark on the celluloid format. “

Director Raja Gangopadhyay, who has spent almost 15 years making films and series in Tollywood (Kolkata), seemed a little moved when he said, “When I talk about Jharkhand people tend to ask: ‘ Do you mean the Jharkhand of Bihar? ‘ I feel emotionally hurt and I have to tell them, ‘No, my state is Beautiful Jharkhand with beautiful people who carry a rich tradition of their own.’ My main intention of making this experimental yet powerful film is to break this voodoo from nothing and prove to the world the powerful powerhouse of actors and technicians cradled with love on the lap of the beautiful Jharkhand.

“Mystery but True” is a gripping 120-minute romantic thriller set to be filmed in Jamshedpur and other parts of Jharkhand on a fortnightly schedule. Actor, producer and director, the formidable Raju Mitra, in addition to playing an important character in the film, is also the production manager with Smarika Mitra in this ambitious film from Chinmayee Production. This film’s technicians include Pratyush Singh (cinematographer), Suresh (makeup artist), Pushpendra (lights) and All India’s award-winning music and sound effects director Dwipanjan ‘Bubai’ Roy, is set to launch again. its creative magic.

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