Cub leader spends a day on the road fixing cars with a busy AA patroller

The South Cumbria Scout Association honored outgoing Division Secretary Chris Pudsey with a certificate and recognition for ten years of service in 1991.

And a Medal of Merit was awarded to Julie Samson for her work as Assistant Divisional Commissioner for Leadership Development.

The awards were presented at the Divisional Boy Scout Council’s annual meeting at Barrow Baptist Church Hall by Division Commissioner Denis Stanwood.

In 1993, the guys at 1st Duddon Beaver Colony were proud of their new smart banner.

The flag was unveiled during a parade through St George’s Day Church by Reverend Stephen Skinner, Vicar of Dalton-in-Furness.

The banner was presented by Norweb to the new colony after a series of safety briefings led by Celia Dixon, one of the safety representatives at Norweb’s depot in Barrow.

The briefings included quizzes on home electrical safety, a presentation of the video Safe play and discussions centered around the video.

Tom Kelly, Norweb Power Distribution Manager in Lakeland, and his wife Dorothy attended the ceremony with Graham Postlethwaite, Lakes South Production Manager.

In 1994, Cub leader David Legg of the 6th Duddon Methodist Scouts won a day with an AA patroller at a national competition.

David, from Lord Street, Dalton, spent the day helping start cars and doing repairs on the spot with local patroller Martyn King.

The 18-year-old Boy Scout, who first joined the movement as a beaver, was taking an ITec course.

He said: “It was a difference contest in our national scout magazine. The photo was of a car engine and we had to spot the difference between two photos. The second prize, which I won, was to spend a day with the AA patrol.

“I was with Martyn from around 10 am to 6 pm and it was great.”

In 1993, The Mail visited the 26th Barrow Extension Scouts to see the members in action the year the group celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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