Doosan Heavy Opens Korea’s Largest 3D Printing Manufacturing Plant “

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Doosan Heavy held an online ceremony on September 30 to celebrate the construction of a 3D printing manufacturing workshop on the grounds of its Changwon headquarters. The opening of the 3D printing manufacturing plant online event brought together key figures including Changwon City Mayor Seong-Mu Heo, who delivered the congratulations, and Gun Young Heo, President of the Defense Technology and Quality Agency (DTaQ); Nak Kyu Lee, President of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH); Yeonin Jung, COO of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Youngmin Kwon, President of Mottrol. Doosan had invitation cards and turbine blade models created using its 3D printer pre-delivered to attendees.

Participants, including Changwon City Mayor Seong-Mu Heo (top row left), Doosan Heavy COO Yeonin Jung (top right row), Doosan Heavy CSO Yongjin Song (bottom row, fourth from left) and 3DP technology from Doosan Development team members participate in the inauguration of the online ceremony held to celebrate the construction of the 3D printing manufacturing workshop.

Doosan Heavy first adopted 3D printing technology in 2014 to achieve a more advanced method of manufacturing gas turbines for power plants. Doosan has a total of five metal 3D printers, two of which have been recently implemented, and these are all part of Doosan’s recently built 3D printing fabrication shop, the largest to date in Korea.

The company also owns the world’s largest PBF metal 3D printer (the GE Concept Laser M-line 2000, one which is capable of manufacturing parts up to a size of 80 x 400 x 500mm. Overall, l he 3D printing manufacturing facility houses several metal 3D printers from GE Concept Laser and EOS.

“Relying on our expertise in engineering, materials and manufacturing, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has become the only company in Korea with the ability to develop on its own a 3D printing process for various types of metals, ”said Yongjin Song, Doosan CSO of Heavy. He added, “We plan to create synergy by applying our 3D printing technology to many other areas, not only in the manufacturing of power plant components, but also in the development of parts for industries such as aviation and defense. “

Doosan Heavy opens Korea's largest 3D printing manufacturing plant
Invitation card and turbine blade model developed in Doosan Heavy’s 3D print shop. Entry into the ceremony made possible by scanning the QR code on the metal invitation card.

Doosan Heavy supplies 3D printed parts to a wider group of customers in various industries, such as large gas turbines for power plants and prototype parts for the Korean KF-21 fighter jet. On September 3, the company also signed a “MoU on Cooperation for 3D Printing and Gas Turbine Materials Technology” with the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET), a research institute specializing in ceramics under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

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