Dougherty Co. being redistributed

ALBANY, Ga (WALB) – Dougherty County will begin the redistribution process after losing its population.

Dougherty County District Attorney Spencer Lee said that since 2010, through 2020, the county has lost more than 8,000 people.

Spencer Lee, Dougherty County District Attorney(WALB)

“With the exception of District 1, every district has lost population,” Lee said.

The decrease leaves the county badly distributed.

“We are talking about one person, one vote, each district as you know is supposed to represent approximately the same number of citizens based on the 2020 census,” Lee explained.

Now each neighborhood needs to be redesigned to have just over 14,000 people in each.

The County Geographic Information System Department, a consultant or the Legislative Allocation Committee is responsible for this.

“Then we submit our map which we design by ourselves or through our consultant to the reassignment office for a technical review and that takes place before any action on our map is taken by us,” said Lee.

This office, the count, or the map designer can adjust the map if there is a problem. If this happens, it will be reviewed.

The map becomes official and can be implemented once the Georgia General Assembly has approved it and the Governor has signed it.

At present, the county is working on the appointment of a redistribution committee.

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