East Haven beer maker hopes to open New Haven brewery, the tasting room

NEW HAVEN – The city is on the verge of having another bar and brewery within its borders.

The brewery and bar will be located in a historic 2 story masonry building at the corner of River and Lloyd streets.

Kraszewski said there will be no seating at the first level bar, but there will be seven tables that can seat 28 people.

On the second floor, Kraszewski said it would be more of a lounge with bar seating on both sides. There will also be four tables of 2 people around the setup and the sofa area for a total of 40 customers on this level.

Kraszewski said the manufacturing space will be on the right side of the first floor, where there will be multiple containers for making the beer.

The product is then transferred to fermenters for 14 days before being carbonated, packaged in drums and placed in coolers for service and retail. Beer produced on site is consumed on site or sold to customers on site.

Armada’s primary production and distribution site, where it produces four staple beers as well as more than a dozen seasonal beers, will remain in East Haven.

The product is distributed to locations in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Armada Brewing will apply for a special exception – its final approval required – for making beer on River Street at the Board of Zoning Appeals on September 29.

Kraszewski said he was “excited” by the approval of the city plan and is eagerly awaiting the BZA hearing.

The estimated 6,000 square foot Valve Room and Brewery is one of two breweries proposed for the River Street location. The second, very different in size, is the New England Brewing Company, which is now located in Woodbridge.

Jaigantic Studios, an ambitious film and digital production company owned by actor Michael Jai White, has raised concerns about the two breweries on the street.

Jaigantic has expressed the need for contiguous space along River Street, but New England Brewing already has a memorandum of understanding with the city for 100/142 River Street for its operations.

New England Brewing will need 65,000 square feet of space – approximately 8 acres at 100 River St. and 2 acres at 142 River St. Jaigantic has a memorandum of understanding for 46-56 River Street and 112 Chapel St. with the city for the first phase of its projects.

New England Brewing Co. is the state’s largest craft brewing company.

East Rock Brewing is the only brewery to date in New Haven that has an auction house and cans and dispenses from a facility in town.

BAR brews on-site in New Haven, but cannot or does not distribute; Rhythm Brewing is domiciled in New Haven, but does not brew here, according to deputy director of economic development Stephen Fontana.

Fontana said “progress” was being made on the NEBC proposal, which is being undertaken by development group Eclipse, and Jaigantic, with discussions focused on environmental issues.

The Armada Brewing parking lot, which is adjacent to the building, will accommodate 19 vehicles. It will remain the same as approved in 2017, with the exception of moving one of the disabled spaces directly in front of the door.

Commission President Leslie Radcliffe asked how close the parking lot was, taking into account the safety and convenience of customers and “depending on how much beer they drew”.

Kraszewski said the facility would promote “responsible consumption.”

The only addition to the previous approval for the site is two concrete slabs to elevate the cooling and cooling equipment above the 100-year flood elevation and the removal of an existing concrete driveway.

Signs will also be installed on garage doors for flood protection.

The site was contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, but it was covered with asphalt paving. An environmental land use restriction prevents digging below the ceiling and only allows industrial / commercial uses.

There will be three bicycle racks inside the building and a number outside under a future easement with the city.

The site was part of the Bigelow Boiler Manufacturing Co., which stretched from 190 to 198 River St., a major site for the manufacture of large industrial boilers during New Haven’s industrial heyday from the late 19th century. .

Portions of BIgelow on 198 River St. are currently razed for safety reasons, but 190 River has been renovated by GL Capasso as part of a deal with the city.

Capasso, whose company is located on Lloyd Street, is also planning to remediate one of the four buildings at 198 River Street, the only one not to be razed.

Radcliffe told Kraszewski she looks forward to the time when the sign will be posted for Armada Brewing “and we can park our bikes and have some beer.”

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