Epiroc brings autonomous drilling to small segment underground mining with the Boomer S10 S

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on May 30, 2022

Epiroc has launched what it says is the world’s first automated single-boom jumbo for the small segment in the form of its new Boomer S10 S.

This drill rig pushes the boundaries of what can be expected from a face drill, according to the company, delivering near-surgical precision in drilling and significant cost savings throughout the cycle – all thanks to the fact that it is the world’s first single-boom jumbo with Epiroc’s drill control system.

Consistent, repeatable, quality-assured results are made possible by advanced automation, operator assistance features, and digital drill plans, says Epiroc.

“With Boomer S10 S as our latest addition, we are proud to offer a sustainable automated operation for the small segment, with a full range of automated rigs for face drilling, production drilling and underground rock reinforcement” , Sarah Hoffman, vice president of sales and marketing at Epiroc’s underground division, said.

The new Boomer S10 S comes with quality drilling and cost savings in the wear and tear of rock drilling tools, spare parts and other consumables, according to Epiroc. Compared to traditional non-automated single-boom jumbos, the platform reduces consumable parts consumption by 30%, while reducing maintenance costs by 12%.

With digital drill plans and Epiroc’s Rig Control System, the drill rig is perfectly aligned in the drift to optimize accuracy, providing less overshoot and undershoot, and longer pull cycles, explains Epiroc.

Epiroc’s Rig Control System is used to control several vital functions in Epiroc’s machinery. According to the company, it is also an enabler for several automation functions that increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs.

Niklas Berggren, Global Product Manager, Face Drilling Equipment at Epiroc, said, “The drill control system offers drilling precision far beyond what the human eye could ever accomplish. This is high quality production from start to finish and an important milestone for the development of the mine. »

When applying the high performance development method – a working method throughout the drill cycle – the Boomer S10 S delivers up to 25% more development counters than traditional single-boom jumbos, according to Epiroc. Total cycle time is reduced due to better fetch length, reduced fragmentation and scaling requirements.

“It’s a snowball effect on productivity: accurate boreholes mean less explosives, less scaling and better tunnel profiles,” says Berggren. “In turn, a better tunnel profile means less rock reinforcement and less tearing on all tunnel machinery. All of this leads to significant cost reductions while increasing productivity and safety for everyone involved. »

The machine is designed for great ergonomics with lower vibration and noise levels (

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