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Integrated software solutions improve efficiency in many industries. Recognizing this need, Stenograph introduced MOUNTAIN PEAK, an intelligent ecosystem connecting agencies to journalists via the Catalyst Software. A panel of experts from Stenograph joined host Kelly Sieracki to discuss the product. Attendees included Pratul Patel, Senior Product Manager, Lucy Smith, Senior Product Manager, Jeff Cobb, Senior Corporate Sales Manager, Jim Kuta, Head of Quality Assurance and Documentation, and Cathy Carpenter, Head of direct sales, RPF, FPR-C.

“We created this product for the benefit of agencies, journalists and law firms. It’s an ecosystem just like the one Apple created to integrate and deliver value to users. That’s what we’re doing here with everything together on one platform. Patel explained.

Cobb, former agency manager, said: “People make a living from the solution we create so that everyone can work in a pleasant, reliable and secure environment.

Smith, CATalyst’s product manager, explained how this benefits reporters. “Incoming information is often limited, but as we know, it feeds into the CATalyst workflow. One of the “wow” moments is that it can take information and customize the look or the title page, which saves a lot of time. “

Carpenter, a former court reporter, also discussed the effectiveness. “One thing is for work notifications to appear, so journalists can respond in the system. The platform also allows you to do whatever you need from the platform.

One of the main motivations for the creation of APEX was the acquisition of YesLaw by the company. “It was a driving force and the understanding that we could extend production tools to agencies,” Cobb said.

Discussing other features, Kuta described, “The task assignments page in CATalyst is a central place where information is gathered. You have the data in one place. The business center and billing capability are also excellent.

APEX’s goal is to streamline and simplify the process from the point of view of all parties, enabling journalists and agencies to be more efficient and increase their income.

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