Family businesses team up to create Twin Bing ice cream

LARCHWOOD, IA (KELO) – A popular candy bar made in Sioux City is now a big hit with ice cream lovers in KELOLAND. The owners of Stensland Dairy claim that an experience with a Twin Bing candy bar made their latest ice cream flavor one of their best sellers.

Flavors like How Now Brown Cow, Peanut Butter Blunder, and Udder De Mint line the shelves at all four Stensland stores in Sioux Falls.

But it is his Twin Bing who is the king.

Doug Stensland says he grew up in Northwestern Iowa and has always loved the Twin Bing treats made by Palmer Candy in Sioux City. Its research and development team therefore began to experiment

“It’s my wife, my son and my daughter who make a lot of it and so they played around with a lot of different recipes and found that. We tried it one season in our Sioux Falls stores and got a great reception, ”said Stensland.

The folks at Palmer candy tell us that Stensland got him out of the park. They also like the fact that two multigenerational family businesses are working together.

“We got the opportunity for them to taste the ice cream and they really liked it, and so one thing led to another and gave us the opportunity to release that ice cream,” Stensland said.

In November 2020, production of the new Twin Bing flavor began.

“It blew up a lot faster than expected,” said Kayla DeJager, head of ice cream production.

Kayle DeJager says they went from 500 liters per day to 1,500 liters. Bing bars arrive in bulk at the dairy near Larchwood. Thanks to a special process, they are incorporated into the ice cream.

“We have our maraschino cherries that are mashed, ice cream, you don’t want too much juice in it or it’ll make it frozen.” So before we put it in the machines, we have to drain it, filter all the juice, weigh it to the right amount, put it in the machine with the aroma of chocolate, the Twin Bing and the peanuts ”, said DeJager.

Usually, people who buy Twin Bing ice creams don’t buy one or two, they buy three or more. They take them home and put them in their freezer.

Not only can you find ice cream at Stensland Dairy stores, but ice cream is also available at Lewis Drug, HyVee, Sunshine, and Fairway.

At the Stensland store on 41st Street in Sioux Falls, Bob Timjon and Michael Larsen decided to try the Twin Bing for the first time.

“I’ve eaten Twin Bing before, not Twin Bing ice cream, it’s really good, the cherry is there, the chocolate is there, the nuts all that, yes, but Stensland does a great job on all of their flavors. “, Bob mentioned.

As for the future, Twin Bing enthusiasts have one more reason to smile, not only can they buy it in a liter or in a cone, but Twin Bing ice cream sandwiches are in development and will arrive. soon in stores.

Ice cream isn’t the only Twin Bing flavored product you can find locally, Fernson Brewery has teamed up with Palmer Candy to make a Twin Bing Stout.

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