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A film about a seedy mermaid whose interactions with the inhabitants of the Oregon coast are dark enough to live up to the character of “Bad Fish,” which has just ended after three weeks of filming in Crescent City and Brookings .

“The people of the area have supported us so much and opened doors for us,” said Brad Douglas, who wrote the screenplay and who also directs and produces “Bad Fish” for Shanebrook Media.

Douglas is no stranger to screenwriting or independent films. He also directed “Between the Trees” (Barbed Wire Films) and wrote “The Settling” (Shanebrook Media) – the latter was selected as an official selection by the Ashland Independent Film Festival, Film Invasion Los Angeles and others.

Co-producer Ray Nomoto Robison is also the production manager of “Bad Fish” and is known for the feature films “Die Before I Wake” (Televista), “Sixes and the One-Eyed King” (Panorama Entertainment) and “Vampire Camp “(Indie Rights), as well as many short films like” The Bag “- which was written by longtime TV personality Marlyn Mason.

Previews of the crew’s final day of filming, Friday, November 12, included scenes in front of the Redwood Theaters in the Curry Surgery Center building. The scene appeared to be the result of an interaction with a mermaid that sent a bloodied local fisherman to hospital, as well as an investigative visit from a distressed-faced marine biologist played by Jonny Lee – an actor , director and writer whose credits include “Drowning,” “Best Men” and “Monk.”

“I play a good guy with a big heart, but someone with a bit of a troubled past,” Lee said.

Douglas said he wrote “Bad Fish” six years ago and even scanned the coast for outdoor shots, but then had to put the script aside for five years to work on other projects.

“I’ve always been in love with the idea of ​​a mermaid story on the Oregon coast,” Douglas said.

“Bad Fish” isn’t your average bedtime story. Instead, assistant director Robinson compared the character of the Mermaid – played by actress Abby Wathen – to that of a Black Widow of the Sea in a story that includes twists, turns, and a fair amount of gore. Marlyn Mason plays the role of the mother of the mermaid.

Locations used for the film include The Chart Room restaurant in Crescent City and Ocean World (where Lee’s character is a former college professor turned marine biologist in a tourist destination), as well as Brookings Harbor and Capella By The Sea.

“This place is dark and eerie,” said Douglas, explaining why he thought both communities were the best choice for the shoot. “I said I needed 20 days of gray and we managed to get 20 days of gray.”

“Yeah, we did,” Robison said with a laugh, adding that despite the melancholy of the film, he hopes the film gives Brookings and Crescent City positive exposure.

“Badfish,” which is produced for less than two hundred thousand and relies on the use of stable camera shots, is slated for release between July 1 and October 31. Robison said he and Douglas hoped the film would gain a solid distribution outlet. traction, and will be released conservatively via Prime Video, Tubi, Apple TV, and Vudu.

“We’re pretty sure we’ll have all of these distribution points, and we’re hoping to have more,” Robison said.

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