Five must-haves of the week

Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week

Welcome to April 15, everyone! There are reasons why we tend to cover topics in an ongoing conversation. First, there are always developments and news in the industry. Second, you, dear readers, react to this content by reading it. This week, the news stories that have generated the most interest from readers confirm that our industry has continued interest in government involvement in industry infrastructure, supply chain issues, cybersecurity and new technologies such as additives in manufacturing.

I won’t hold you back any longer; you’ve got news to read below, and if you’re in the US, you might also have your taxes to finish. Receive the postmark by Monday!

Discover the electronic ecosystem
Posted April 8

Will Marsh, vice president of TTM Technologies and president of the Printed Circuit Board Association of America, talks about the work the PCBAA in Washington, DC is doing to gain greater recognition of the industry by decision makers across the country. Marsh is optimistic, not just about the companies and individuals joining the effort, but about Capitol Hill’s recognition of securing the nation’s defense systems, and why fabulous companies should partner with the PCBAA .

AltiumLive 2022: Vince Mazur’s Supply Chain Advice: Always Have Alternatives
Posted April 11

Andy Shaughnessy receives an update from Vince Mazur, Technical Marketing Engineer at Altium, on his AltiumLive presentation, “Avoiding Supply Chain Issues with Live Part Variants and Choices”. Vince highlights some of the highlights of his speech, including the need for designers to pay more attention to the supply chain than ever before and always have an alternate part or two on hand, just in case. Vince’s presentation is available online along with other Altium Live videos.

The reality of regulated manufacturing
Posted April 12

Ryan Bonner is CEO of DEFCERT, a specialist in government data and cybersecurity regulations. A key part of moving to a digital factory will be ensuring the security of data needed to run a digital factory and, more importantly, customer design data. We caught up with Ryan after the IPC APEX EXPO to discuss cybersecurity and the digital factory. Click on the interview to find out how it may apply to your institution.

Additive design: same steps, different order
Posted April 12

Winonics CEO Dave Torp briefs Andy Shaughnessy on the company’s additive and semi-additive processes and what PCB designers need to know if they plan to design boards with these new technologies. Dave explains two key takeaways: 1) additive design isn’t much different from traditional design, but the stages of the design cycle are of a different order, and 2) additive designers need to communicate with their manufacturers because much of the new processes are still proprietary. See what else Torp has to say here.

SynthAI from Siemens is revolutionizing machine vision training with artificial intelligence
Posted April 13

For those of us in the industry who are adding AI and machine learning to our processes, this news article has garnered plenty of reading.

From the press release: “Machine learning is used for a variety of vision-based automation use cases, such as robotic bin picking, sorting, palletizing, quality, etc As the use of machine learning for vision-based automation increases, many industries are facing challenges and struggling to implement it in their computer vision applications. This is due to the need to collect many images of the parts in question and the challenges associated with accurately annotating the different products in those images, especially before production or manufacturing begins.

“To solve this challenge, synthetic data is used to speed up the data collection and training process. However, using synthetic data for vision use cases requires expertise in generating synthetic images and can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. This is where SynthAI from Siemens changes the game.

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