Follow Kendall Jenner on a Busy Day at New York Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner is used to having a busy schedule during New York Fashion Week, but it was a bit busier, even for her. As Fwrd’s new Creative Director, the model and businesswoman visited designers in the showrooms to select what the retailer will offer in the spring 2022 collections. Vogue Join you on a busy day from Central Park to NoHo.

Her day started with the Michael Kors Parade, held at Tavern on the Green in the park. Jenner opened the show in a black bra top and pencil skirt with a bold red lip. Then, he went to the Peter Do showroom before the designer’s first show. In the car, Jenner reflected on her transition from model to creative director of Fwrd and founder of 818 tequila. “I have a lot of sisters who are all very powerful women and businesswomen, especially my mother and even my grandmother,” she says. “I always knew it would be a step for me.”

For her first official assignment as Creative Director, Jenner found a lot to love in Do’s showroom. She admired Do’s sculptural jumpsuits, coats and a particularly “cool” pair of jeans. “Now I’m selfish, just looking for myself!” She laughs. After doing the prints, she says, “I love modeling, but most of the time you’re someone else’s vision so it’s really cool to be on this side and over there. ‘have more control over things. “

In the car after her visit to Do’s studio, she hopped on a Zoom call to take care of her other case: 818 tequila. “It has been the joy of my life,” she says. After visiting a few other designers, it was time for Jenner to get glamorous for a Fwrd dinner at Zero Bond at NoHo. The paparazzi, of course, captured her LBD as she entered the restaurant.

See his busy day below.

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