GTO Engineering revives the California Spyder

GTO Engineering is bringing back a vintage Ferrari that typically costs millions of dollars at auction. A visionary company that manufactures classic cars, GTO Engineering will revive a racing icon. The timing of the release also seemed fitting, as the California Spyder’s resurrection happened during the Goodwood Revival reunion.

The English company presents the 250 GT California Revival, a replica of the Spyder SWB (shorter wheelbase). Ferrari only produced 106 California Spyder (SWB and LWB), so this is a great opportunity to get one. Originally developed by Pininfarina and stunning manufacturing work done by Scaglietti, the California Spyder is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive collaborations to ever leave the gates of Maranello.

Ferrari launched its 250 GT California Spyder at the 1960 Geneva Motor Show, and it immediately became a cult favorite. With such a limited number ever built, you can understand that the auction estimates today are remarkably huge. As an example, the most expensive was sold in 2016 for around $ 17 million. The second was auctioned off in 2015 for nearly $ 16 million. It is easy to see that this is a rare and expensive classic automobile. So how do you buy one? Well, you don’t need it! GTO supports you. If there’s over a million dollars in your account, they’ll build a California Spyder for you.

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It sounds great, but there is a catch!


Via: GTO Engineering

In addition to the million dollars, you will have to donate a donation vehicle, and you guessed it, it has to be a Ferrari. And, to create a remarkable roadster, you have to kill a prancing horse on a budget. Consider vehicles like a Ferrari Mondial or a 348, which are priced under $ 50,000 on classifieds websites.

After giving the not-so-cool donor car to GTO Engineering, the process begins. Each car is handcrafted and takes a total of 1,500 hours of effort. The process begins by mimicking Scaglietti’s iconic shape, creating a hand-formed aluminum body using custom tools, and strengthening the chassis. The whole building process focuses on compassionately improving thresholds to reduce body flexion, for example. The result is a truly well-built and meticulously upgraded recreation that is one of Ferrari’s most sought-after road cars of all time. The car’s torsional stiffness has been increased and is now stiffer than the previous model to compensate for the roof offs. Therefore, he may theoretically be able to negotiate bends with greater ease.

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Reinventing a 1960s icon


Via: GTO Engineering

Each California Spyder Revival will be built using components manufactured by GTO Engineering; a group of leading renovation experts, determined to meet or exceed the premium standards of the original vehicle. These days, the original California Spyder can only be found in million dollar car collections. They are rarely seen on the roads, unchanged from the factory specifications for which they were originally designed. But, the company ensures that every part of the vehicle is improved or equivocal in terms of quality and production standards. GTO Engineering was established in the 1990s and has since grown to become the world’s largest supplier of historic Ferrari parts manufactured or 3D printed in-house. Everything is meticulously preserved and labeled, from the Dino’s door handle to the Daytona’s engine driveshaft.

Mark Lyon, Founder of GTO Engineering, said: “It is extremely exciting to start discussing our latest model in the Revival series, the California Spyder. It’s one of the most famous Ferrari road cars of the 1960s, and it’s something we’ve put a lot of effort into over the past few years to design after the huge success we’ve had with models like the 250 SWB Revival and 250 TR Revival. Feedback received from old and new Revival Series customers has been positive and we are delighted to continue working with even more owners to build the car of their dreams. ”

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Additional customization is available


Via: GTO Engineering

However, despite the weight on authenticity, it is essential to note that the Spyder Revival will be extremely customizable. Buyers can choose the original 3.0-liter Columbo V12 or opt for the 3.5-liter or 4.0-liter powertrain variants. The original four-speed gearbox could be replaced with a five-speed, and custom exterior paint colors are also available. The interior is finished with the leather of your choice, the possibility of a slender wooden steering wheel is not available in the original model.

Suffice to say that in the coming days, there will be a few enthusiasts who will cry: “this is not a real one” while everyone around them knows that the Italian brand has only made a few. Enzo Ferrari wasn’t particularly worried about his road cars, seeing them primarily as a way to fund his racing team, however the SWB was a very successful racer and was able to compete with the Jaguar E-Type and the ‘Aston Martin DB4 Zagato in the GT class, with Sir Stirling Moss at the wheel.

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