Haunted houses rely on innovation to evolve throughout the year

When it comes to Halloween, haunted houses are one of the most favorite places to visit.

In fact, according to Hauntworld, there are over 4,000 paid Halloween attractions across the country, making it a billion dollar industry.

Interestingly, Michigan is one of the few states in the United States that has a number of top-notch spooky homes.

Eloise Asylum’s director of operations Jim Werner says Michigan is one of the epicenters.

“Michigan is very well known throughout the industry as a place where you can experience fantastic and haunted houses, haunted attractions and cart rides,” says Jim Werner.

This year, according to thescarefactor.com, there are approximately 73 haunted houses listed in Michigan.

Eloise Asylum COO Jay Kays says they all have a goal.

“Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy,” says Jay Kays.

And in the pursuit of the merging of the two, haunted houses over the years have evolved with a major push towards innovation.

“There’s a lot more automation in there, there’s a lot of things that are triggered by walking rather than being someone who has to physically do something for something to happen,” says Jay Kays.

Jim says his attraction is fueled by cutting edge technology.

“Our 3D mapping technology is at the cutting edge of technology in the areas of an escape room as well as in Hollywood,” says Jim Werner.

And aside from employing creepy actors, it’s also about getting the details down to the bone.

“The sound, the special effects technology as well as the production and make-up, the costumes,” says Jim Werner.

“We added a piano to the original frames that we installed the televisions in. We are constantly blurring the lines for you to such an extent that it becomes really overwhelming and almost impossible to realize what is out there and what we have added,” Jay Kays says.

As for the future of haunted houses, Jim says it’s about branching out by adding more entertainment options like live bands and side shows to create a fun night out instead of a quick tour of a horror experience.

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