Hay-man! Scarecrow entrances in sight Uptown | Relax

Old clothes look so trendy and ready for fall.

Uptown Greenwood floor lamps are once again decorated with creative and fun scarecrows. Check out the Uptown contest entries, on view until October 31.

Vote for your People’s Choice favorites on the Uptown Greenwood Facebook page until October 31.

Famous judges will name the big winners.

The Uptown Crow Crawl Craft Beer Tasting at 5 p.m., with 12 Uptown stops, followed by a free outdoor concert at Countybank Plaza with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at 7 p.m., helps get things going today.

John F. Keenan, Greenwood Community Theater Technical Director / Production Manager and Resident Production Designer, said GCT enjoys participating in this family-friendly community event, alongside other nonprofits, professional offices, government. local and public security, as well as businesses.

“I love doing that and the theater loves interacting with the community so that you don’t always have to charge the ticket price,” Keenan said. “When the theater went out during the pandemic, I had time to do it last year.”

GCT’s whimsical entry last year paid homage to the four shows it had scheduled last season but was unable to produce during the shutdown.

“It was the ‘Wizard of Oz’ scarecrow costume, wearing Buddy the Elf shoes from ‘Elf’ (which GCT is on stage in December), with a pumpkin painted with the Simba symbol of the “Lion King” and a big Styrofoam Olaf that I made for “Frozen”.

GCT won the 2020 Celebrity Judges Scarecrow Award.

“This year we’re all in for Christmas,” Keenan said of GCT’s scarecrow entry to promote “Elf the Musical”. “I think the Crow Crawl and this year’s concert are two really, really cool aspects of the competition this year.”

“My daughter and I love to walk around and watch them all,” Keenan said. “… She loved my Olaf last year because he was about her height then, about three and a half feet.”

Gibson Hill, Uptown Greenwood’s events and market coordinator, said the 2021 competition is the largest yet, with 27 entries.

“It’s always exciting to see new companies and organizations participate,” said Hill, noting that this year’s nominations have creative themes.

Steve Riley, owner of Emerald Ink and Stitches, said this was the first year his company had been involved.

Riley’s daughter Lindsey R. Turner, director of sales for EIS, said they had fun coming up with a concept that those who grew up in the 1980s will appreciate. Hint: Their inspiration is an American actor with a professional wrestling background who is known for his sporting bling.

“I said we should go into the scarecrow contest and dad came up with a fun idea,” Turner said. “It was a good idea. It’s a great opportunity to do something Uptown. Plus it’s fun.

Riley said that while EIS is known to be a place for T-shirt embroidery and screen printing, the scope of the business has widened in recent years. T-shirts, Riley said, only make up a fifth of EIS business these days.

The scarecrow contest, said Riley, is a great way for EIS to advertise its “promotional items and products.”

In previous competition years, Riley said he had been “partial to the firefighters” of scarecrow entrances.

“I did this for 17 years,” Riley said of his time in the fire department.

Janis Watters, who helped enter the Hospice Store Uptown Scarecrow competition for Hospice and Palliative Care of the Piedmont, said she hopes their duo “Fancy and Nancy” will survive for about a month away.

“Her makeup can get a bit blurry if it’s raining,” Watters said. “She’s lost her mind twice already and I have people coming from out of town to see her and the other entrances.”

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