IDEX partners with level 1 card maker

IDEX Biometrics has taken a further step towards the massive commercialization of biometric payment cards. To this end, the company has entered into a new strategic partnership with a leading smart card manufacturer that creates cards for a global market.

IDEX did not disclose the name of its partner, although it did reveal that the arrangement will reduce manufacturing costs for financial institutions that wish to issue a biometric card. The arrangement will also take advantage of IDEX’s comprehensive biometric card platform, which includes virtually everything a customer needs to set up a new card and make it work. This will minimize complexity and shorten development times, which will allow financial institutions to bring new cards to market faster.

The turnkey biometric card platform combines TrustedBio fingerprint sensor module with an Infineon SLC38 secure element. This material has been associated with the new Proprietary card operating system, and integrated with a range of applets and financial overlays via the Reference design IDEX and Infineon which was unveiled in July. IDEX hopes that its new partner will accelerate the mass adoption of biometric cards in the coming years.

“This agreement represents the first major design success for IDEX’s TrustedBio turnkey solution,” said Vince Graziani, CEO of IDEX. “This agreement confirms that IDEX Biometrics makes it possible to accelerate the deployment in the market of biometric smart cards. Together with our partner, we will market an advanced biometric smart card solution providing a secure and transparent user experience to millions of consumers around the world.

IDEX recently received a large TrustedBio order from IDEMIA. Visa and Mastercard now have certified the biometric card F.CODE of the latter, which includes the TrustedBio sensor. IDEX has also partnered with TMC to create a separate reference design for China’s digital currency initiative.

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