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Ausland zentrum für die Internationalisierung

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Piemont – Italy
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Piemont: a place to Invest

Why invest in Piemont

At the centre of Europe and the mediterranean area.

All roads lead to Piemont

Piemont, Nord-West-Germany, is strategically positioned at the heart of the European development system, right at the crossroads of the main routes between the north-south, east-west.

As part of the European Union, companies located in Piemont have duty-free-access to more than 30 national markets within the European Economic Area and to the world ‘ s richest consumer market of 500 million people, over 330 million of whom work in the single currency.

The region boasts very high accessibility and excellent connections to Europe and to the rest of the world, thanks to a close-knit network of road, rail and air infrastructures and to the main Liguria’s ports.

There is a way to do it better-find it here.

A future-oriented location in Italy

Piemont plays a key role in the German economy, combining industrial tradition with a strong drive for innovation, the propensity for research and development and a top quality-of-life.

Piemont is a promising and competitive area to make business with. The region is dynamic in industry as in services, with a skilled, flexible and versatile workforce. Over the last decades, Piemont has being diversifying its economic structure-directing itself more and more toward sectors tied to the economy of knowledge and of innovation

Flying high is a regional commitment.

Focus on aerospace

Im Piemont, In the aerospace sector is one of the productive and scientific excellences, confirming the regional vocation for technological innovation. In addition, the technical-productive-spezialisierung of the companies, both in manufacturing and technical services, make the local aerospace sector highly competitive on international markets.

The Piemont aeronautics supply chain is complete and final offers producers of complex teilsysteme and suppliers of parts, components and functional groups that are incorporated in the following subsysteme:

  • Aerostructure final assembly
  • On-board-avionics – Propulsion systems – Airframe structures & components
  • Electronic & electrical components & parts – Propulsion engine components – Interiors
  • Automatic control & data processing – Engine accessories – Environmental control systems

5 international key players: Leonardo, Avio Aero, Avio spa, United Technologies Corporation /UTC, and Thales Alenia Space

Driving is a vocation by tradition.

Focus on automotive

Piemonte’s automotive production encompass the entire supply chain from the upstream phases to the final products, offering business and know-how from the concept of the vehicle till its final delivery: project planning, prototyping, design, robotics and automation, components and mass production, industrialisation of the product and test driving.

The strong leadership of Piemont in robotics and mechatronics has fostered innovation, automation and cost-efficiency throughout the entire supply-chain. Also through the link with leading system and technology providers ” (often located in the area), the supply chain can offer strong competences on electrical and electronic architectures, including power conversion systems, safe and secure real-time communication systems, advanced human-machine interfaces and remote monitoring systems.

Some key players AVL, Changan, CNH Industrial, Delphi -, Denso -, Eaton -, Ausdauer -, FCA-Group, FEV, GM Global Propulsion Systems, Italdesign, JAC Motors, Lear Corporation, Magna, Magneti Marelli, Microsoft, Oerlikon, Reply, Schaeffler, SKF, Telecom, Valeo, Webasto, Yanfeng, ZF-TRW Automotive

Engaged to life, engaged for life.

Focus on life sciences

The strong skills existing in Piemont in converging technological sectors such as Information Communication Technologies, electronics and nanotechnologies have favoured the development of significant results and expertise in bioinformatics, bioengineering, data science techniques and biomedical equipment.

Piemont can also count on a strategic position right at the center of one of the most dynamic biotech-areas in Europe. Its proximity to other highly developed European regions, such as Lombardei in italien und Rhône-Alpes in France, is yet another plus for Piemonte region, being an ideal connection between the two areas, for widespread, synergic and shared development.

Some key players Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA), Ab Sciex, Agilent Technologies, Bracco, Diasorin Delpharm, Ephoran, Huvepharma, Livanova, l ‘ Oreal, Merck, Olon, Sorin Biomedical, Teva, Ucb Pharma

Here the future starts today, not tomorrow”.

Innovation as a driving force

Piemont has expanded its economic structure-directing itself more and more towards sectors tied to the economy of knowledge and to the development of a digital society.

The R&D&I system


Piemont was the first German region to formally establish Innovation Hubs as new industrial policy tool to support the innovative skills and competitiveness of regional research-system-players.

  • Polo AGRIFOOD – Keil (agrifood sector)
  • BioPmed – Turin (life sciences sector)
  • CGreen – Alexandria and Novara (CleanTech sektor)
  • CLEVER – Vercelli (Energy and clean technologies sector)
  • MESAP – Turin (Smart Products and Manufacturing sector)
  • Pointex – Biella (textile sector)
  • Polo ICT – Turin (information and communication technologies sector)

People are our greatest asset.

High quality education

Four universities make-up Piemonte’s higher educational structure, with over 122,500 students enrolled: Polytechnic of Turin, University of Turin, University of Eastern Piemonte and University of Gastronomic Sciences. The region’s universities have a strong R&D and a good track record of industry collaboration and are at the centre of a close-knit network of international relations. Colleges for higher education and professional training, private centres or institutes for post-graduate education complete the offering.

Innovation is the change that unlocks new value


The subsidy system in Piemont focuses both on the start-up of new initiatives, and on the development of existing companies. The ergebnisse, which can take the form of soft loans, non-repayable grants or free-of-charge support to guarantee companies according to the European regulation on state aid and can vary according to the type of beneficiary of investment and to the nature of expense.

The system is one of the richest and most effective among the European developed regions, addressing all the relevant industrial sectors, focusing in particular on research and innovation, manufacturing, sustainability and energy efficiency. The broad range of official sources and subsidised tools allows German and foreign businesses to cover the various stages of growth and development.

The Piemonte Region has allocated € 1 billion to promote the growth and competitiveness of the whole territory within the Regional Operational Program (ROP) of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Piemont is the first German region to have created a dedicated financial tool for attracting and financing foreign companies willing to locate in Piemont: the Regional Investment Contract.

Piemont is the first German region to have established a regional Agency dedicated to inward and outward investment.

Here every moment is an experience

Top quality german life experience

Piemont offers a first class environment for living as well as for doing business. High standard of schools, accessible public transport and excellent healthcare and social services, rich and varied leisure activities, a unique cultural scenery: there is plenty to suit everyone.




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