JobsNOW: Catering company ServPro is looking to hire

(WKBN) – Sometimes the best projects are team projects. They can be particularly rewarding once completed. That’s exactly what happens when restoration technicians turn a misfortune into a miracle. That’s JobsNow’s goal tonight.

Tuesday was the final cleaning of the WRTA bus garage. ServPro restoration technicians took care of the cleanup after a bus caught fire two weeks ago. Technicians are trained to respond to fire and water cleanup situations.

“When a customer experiences a disaster in their home, our technicians respond immediately to ensure the mass is cleaned up and the situation is left dry and sanitary for occupancy,” said ServPro co-owner Andrew Dobson.

ServPro expected to complete enough of the project on Tuesday for WRTA to begin reusing the bus garage. They had blasted the ceiling with baking soda and used hydroxyl generators to purify the air.

ServPro is looking for people looking for opportunities. The restoration technician could become a team leader or a production manager.

“We believe that if we connect people who want to progress with the proper training, proper organization, and proper investment in equipment and application, we believe the opportunities here are limitless,” Dobson said.

ServPro believes that one of the most important parts of business is reacting quickly, which helps the restoration technician gain an advantage.

“This emergency response is imperative not only to bring relief, a sense of calm to our client, but also to save as much as possible to ensure that we minimize the cost to the client themselves,” Dobson said.

There can be a drastic change from disaster to finished product. This can be challenging but rewarding for the restoration technician and lead to more opportunities within the company.

“If they want to be on this team, we strongly urge them to come say hello,” Dobson said.

ServPro has other openings like HVAC technicians, paralegals, inside sales, and even construction positions. Just visit the company website for more information.

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