Lydians aim to inspire with Christmas concert

Les Lydiens, proudly supported by First Citizens, Christmas concert “Arise, Shine! Promises to deliver Christmas cheer and inspiration to all who attend.

The concert, which takes place at Queen’s Hall on December 11 and 12, will feature timeless classics such as “Hallelujah Chorus”, “O Holy Night” and some of your favorite Parang songs. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the show will also focus on messages to instill in patrons feelings of love and a sense of optimism at a time when many are struggling in various ways due to the pandemic.

“The show is about light and hope and about being a beacon for others, even when we don’t realize we are examples,” says Carl Anthony Hines, Music Director of the Lydian Singers.

This message is perhaps perfectly captured in the song “Sing to the Moon” by Laura Mvula. With lyrics “Hey there you broke into a thousand pieces, crying in the darkest night” and “Sing to the moon and the stars will shine on you, lead you to the other sideThe song is one that urges listeners not to give up, despite their circumstances.

Hines says the song has been a personal balm and one for the choir as well.

“To the extent that we sing to give hope to all of you, singing gives us hope. Many of us didn’t think we could ever sing together again. Many of us haven’t had a chance to actually do it again. We also suffered a lot of losses during this period, ”he said.

Carl Hines, musical director of the Lydians.

“Get up, shine! Will also highlight young talents from the Caribbean.

Most of the songs that the choir will perform have been arranged and re-performed by young composers and arrangers.

“It’s something we’ve been doing since I’ve known the Lydians, but since I’ve been here it’s something I’ve been standing up for. Our concerts are created for that sort of thing and in particular this Christmas, the reason we do it is because these young composers have written songs that inspire hope and have a sound that may suit us well. », Explains Hines.

Among the young composers who will be honored is Michael Hudlin, also a member of the Lydians.

Hudlin will lead the Lydian Steel and make his debut with his commissioned 2020 Christmas carol, “Mary’s Song,” performed by a quartet of steel, voice and piano.

“I have been composing since I was 14 and you only play your music if you put on a show yourself, so having the opportunity where you are tasked with writing a piece, you recognize that someone is tuning. the value in what you do, ”he says of the opportunity the Lydians have given to himself and to others.

In addition to “Mary’s Song”, the Lydian Steel Ensemble, led by Steel Captain Astra Noel, will perform four pieces: “D ‘Local Something”, an original arrangement of calypsos and soca parang by one of its members Kwesi Moore , “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, reinvented for a side, a baroque overture and Shostakovich’s “Jazz Suite Waltz No 2”.

“Get up, shine! Will be the first in-person event for the choir since the start of the pandemic.

Deputy Production Manager Kwesi Moore says the opportunity to stage the show illustrates the message of hope.

“The message and the story of the production are a fitting reminder that we share some commonalities and this concert is that message brought to light, in song, in dance, in steel and in a quintessential Trinidadian way,” he says. .

He assured that all COVID -19 protocols will be followed and that places will therefore be limited.

“Get up, shine! Will take place on December 11 and 12 at Queen’s Hall from 6:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. respectively. Tickets cost $ 225 and are available at the Queen’s Hall box office. Contact 376-5699 or send an email or go online on and

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