Mabuza to answer who he met in Russia at the National Assembly

Vice-President David Mabuza will answer questions in Parliament.

  • Vice President David Mabuza will be asked who he met during his recent visit to Russia.
  • He will also answer questions on land reform, Eskom and the insurgency in Mozambique.
  • This will be his last appearance in Parliament for the year.

Who did Vice President David Mabuza meet on his recent trip to Russia?

The answer to this question will be released Thursday at 2:00 p.m. when Mabuza responds to questions in the National Assembly. Other questions will focus on land reform, Eskom, municipal debt and the insurgency in Mozambique.

“The Vice President will discuss with MPs issues related to his work as Chairman of the Interministerial Committee on Land Reform, and will reaffirm the government’s commitment to implement land restitution through land reform.” accelerated.

“It will further highlight the progress the government has made in providing a post-installation support package as well as integrated agricultural support for smallholder farmers,” read a statement by Mabuza’s spokesperson, Matshepo Seedat.

In addition, the vice president will present the government’s short and medium term plans to ensure the sustainability of Eskom, including the treatment of municipal debt owed to Eskom.

“Vice President Mabuza will also assess members on measures adopted by the government to coordinate and provide targeted support to municipalities to ensure reliable transmission and distribution of electricity.

Seedat added:

The Vice President will further brief members of the National Assembly on SADC’s ongoing efforts to address insurgency issues in neighboring Mozambique, in order to ensure peace and security in the region.

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This will be Mabuza’s last question in parliament for the year, as parliament rises on Friday for the year.

The questions are:

Natasha Mazzone, Chief DA Whip: “If he attended meetings with a person, entity and / or organization during his last visit to the Russian Federation; if not, what is its position in this regard; if so, who did he meet with and what is on the agenda for each meeting? “

EFF Chief Whip Floyd Shivambu: “In light of the announcement made by the Minister of Finance in his medium-term fiscal policy statement that the state will no longer bail out state-owned enterprises, what assessment has been carried out to determine the impact of this new government position on Eskom? in particular, and short- and medium-term plans, should Eskom’s management ensure that the entity stays afloat financially? “

ANC deputy Dikeledi Direko: “What plans does he have in place to help coordinate support to municipalities, taking into account their infrastructure constraints and grid connection challenges, to ensure they have the capacity to produce electricity given the commitment made by the President of the Republic, Mr. MC Ramaphosa, in his speech on the State of the Nation 2020, to ensure the modification of the law regulating electricity, Law 4 of 2006, which will allow municipalities to produce their own electricity, because load shedding has seriously slowed down economic recovery and compromised service delivery? “

Al Jamah-Ah MP Ganief Hendricks: “Given the delays in accelerating land reform and the slow pace of land restitution as in the case of the restitution process which was delayed in district six, what were the causes of the delays and were they? there plans in place to speed up the land reform restitution process? “

ANC MP Manketsi Tlhape: “Considering the fact that the National Development Plan considers the potential of the agricultural sector to create one million jobs by 2030, what progress has the Interministerial Committee for Agrarian Reform and Agriculture made in terms of targeted support to farms? allocated to beneficiaries and what are the government’s plans to help particularly small producers in the agricultural sector to mitigate the negative impact of Eskom’s unreliable electricity supply on this envisaged employment target for the agricultural sector? “

ANC deputy Albert Seabi: “What has been the role of government in the Southern African Development Community [SADC] region to ensure peace and stability, in light of conflicts and attacks on certain states like Mozambique by non-governmental groups, when geopolitics dictate that states must work together and support each other to ensure their survival? What lessons has the government drawn from the various incidences of conflict in the SADC region to enhance the security of the Republic? “

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