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When you know that investing is knocking not only on your door, but also that of your competition, you make sure you are the only choice.

This is exactly our experience with the expansion of De La Rue in Malta. An expansion that is expected to create 100 new careers as the facility transforms into a state-of-the-art manufacturing site.

Our country has managed to win in the face of stiff competition from outside Europe thanks to the hard work of everyone, especially the Malta Enterprise team. We managed to convince the leaders of De La Rue that investing more in Malta was their best choice. We managed to convey the confidence that was needed.

The importance of this investment is enormous and goes beyond the financial figures. During the most difficult year in recent history for the global economy, we continued to secure multi-million dollar investments, including the De La Rue investment.

The manufacturing sector in Malta is a success, thanks to the conscious decisions we have taken. Repeating the past mistakes of previous administrations that avoided manufacturing companies was never our choice.

In 2020, the National Statistical Office showed that this sector recorded a value of 993 million euros, which is slightly higher than the 989 million euros recorded in 2019. While in the rest of Europe , industry added value fell 6.5 percent, our own manufacturing sector has proven to be resilient.

It is not by pure coincidence that these results were achieved.

Malta has not closed factories. We have not stopped the operating lines. Malta has chosen to listen and engage more, not less, in this difficult time. A characteristic much appreciated and appreciated by investors and employees alike.

Malta has chosen to value the manufacturing sector as the engine of a growing economy, where innovation and sustainability meet. We have succeeded in reversing the downward trend in manufacturing employment observed since Malta joined the EU, and the manufacturing sector has increased its workforce by almost 2,000 workers since 2013.

The manufacturing sector in Malta is a success, thanks to the conscious decisions we have taken– Myriam Dalli

Our vision of sustainable growth is shared by our own companies. “We share the Maltese government’s ideals for a fairer, stronger and more sustainable future,” said Clive Vacher, CEO of De La Rue at the launch of De La Rue’s multi-million dollar investment.

It is the era of Industry 4.0. I never thought that Industry 4.0 should be all about digitization and automation. It should also be about sustainability. The De La Rue expansion is a perfect example.

This is precisely why we strive to encourage companies – local and foreign – to orient themselves towards sustainable operations. To manage this, Malta Enterprise helps businesses improve their efficiency with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Industry will remain an important pillar. We will continue to encourage the industry to become more innovative and sustainable. In all of this, Malta Enterprise has reappeared as the focal point for the industry.

What we offer the industry goes beyond incentives. We deliver trust and confidence. This government is a partner that works on solutions to meet the challenges, a partner that will continue to support the industry, a partner that can offer peace of mind.

All of this is summed up in Vacher’s speech when he said: “I have nothing but praise for our experience in Malta and would encourage potential international companies to invest in this country with confidence.

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