Mason Felps gives rock the daring southern look with Chauvet Professional

Mason Felps gives rock the daring southern look with Chauvet Professional

United States – The reunion is made all the more moving by the music, especially when you turn on the songs, and even more when you come back to do what you love after a long and hard confinement. Even the rain cannot cushion such a moment. Ask Mason Felps.

About ten years ago, the Cullman native got the chance to work for his first big festival when he joined the team at Rock The South. Last August, he returned to his hometown in northern Alabama as the festival’s production manager and lighting designer.

For Felps, who toured earlier this summer with Alan Jackson, the two-day festival brought back fond memories. “Rock The South has a special place in my heart,” he said. “Our team was fed by a monsoon to put on this show. Yet despite the storms, we wanted to do our best to make this festival special for bands and fans.

To help Felps and the production team achieve this, an impressive lighting kit provided by Bandit Lites includes 32 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2X Wash fixtures.

“We had a 60ft by 40ft stage with a steel roof,” Felps said. “Its height gave us a nice cut to create bold vertical looks that matched well with our video wall, while its width allowed us to space things out to make the show feel even bigger.”

Taking advantage of its expansive stage, Felps was able to stream his Rogue R2X Wash devices to one of the performers in the show, a group that included Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Nelly, Ashley McBryde and The Marshal Tucker Band.

This arrangement allowed her to surround the performers with light, enveloping them in a glow that held tight against the giant video wall, while drawing attention to the center of the stage. Sometimes this glow was created with white light, while in others it was made in different colors.

At other times on the show, the high output Rogue R2X Washes were pointed at the audience to feature stunning visual designs. The devices’ wide zoom range of 7.3 ° to 64.3 ° allowed Felps and Bandit Lites board operator Chris Noll to vary the areas they covered with light.

Commenting on the versatility of his Rogue devices, Felps noted, “They are real workaholics. Their brightness really helped pop the rig at night and gave us great eye candy by day. The reliability of our platform and the excellent work of our team – Chris Noll, Cody Cheetham and John Sumitra, as well as Shawn Lear, our Bandit account rep – made this comeback as great as I ever thought it would be. “

Mason Felps gives rock the daring southern look with Chauvet ProfessionalMason Felps gives rock the daring southern look with Chauvet Professional

September 20, 2021

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