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CARLSBAD, California, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Midwest Products & Engineering (MPE-INC), one of the leading manufacturers and contractors in the design and manufacture of medical devices, today announced the acquisition of MindFlow Design, a Southern california A leading medical product design company offering concept through ready-to-manufacture product specifications with a proven, proprietary three-phase design process.

“We employ a human-centered design philosophy that emphasizes the role of user research in product development which is essential and necessary to deliver a successful medical device to the highest standards of safety and efficacy. high. And now with MPE’s design and manufacturing process, we can make the end products even better, ”said MindFlow Design co-founder Chris Ross.

MindFlow Design and MPE have both achieved ISO 13485-2016 process quality certification and fully understand the FDA, Europe MDR and other international regulatory requirements. MindFlow Design’s “concept to point of manufacture” design and engineering services strategically fit into MPE’s “Concept to Completion” model and will further strengthen MPE’s design solutions for medical manufacturers across the board. the world.

“MindFlow Design brings a culture of innovation to MPE that will help Original Equipment Manufacturers streamline the development process and bring life-enhancing technologies to market through our vertically integrated business model. The current trend for OEMs is to quickly launch products to capture early market revenues., and MindFlow Design will help us serve the purpose of our customers, ”said MPE President and CEO. Hank kohl.

For over 40 years, MPE has served an impressive list of leading medical equipment and technology manufacturers delivering operational efficiency while improving total cost of ownership, averaging over 10 product launches. medical successes per year and meeting market demands first. This acquisition expands MPE’s capabilities as it continues to grow as a leader in the medical device industry.

About MPE

MPE-INC is a premier design and manufacturing partner for healthcare and technology OEMs, leveraging core competencies in product design and engineering, high mix manufacturing / low volume, quality systems and 3PL services. MPE is built on a vertically integrated business model that provides its growing customer base with “concept to completion” solutions. MPE-INC is headquartered at Milwaukee.

About MindFlow Design

MindFlow Design is a leading developer of medical, life science and consumer health products. We help medical product manufacturers innovate and reduce risk by translating complex systems into breakthrough products that are safe and intuitive to use.



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