Mitrex, the world’s largest manufacturer of BIPV, announces the release of its rooftop solar panels with exceptional power up to 350 W, as a smart alternative to conventional solar tiles.

These roof panels are available in four popular roofing designs such as asphalt and slate designs, similar to the shingles available from Home Depot and other roofing suppliers. Unlike other solar tiles or shingles, Mitrex solar roof panels use a simple installation method. The solar cells are sandwiched under a layer of customizable tempered glass siding and a hidden frame, which blends seamlessly into the roof. A dirt repellent coating minimizes the build-up of dust and dirt on the panels, making them maintenance-free. In addition, the solar roof comes with a 25 year warranty product and performance guarantee.

The BIPV industry is expected to experience tremendous growth and dominate the market by 2027. Mitrex, as the leading producer of BIPV building materials, believes in the development of the highest quality solar building materials, leading to reduced costs. carbon emissions and the achievement of net zero targets. .

Switching to low-carbon alternatives can be difficult due to limited design options. These challenges can be overcome with the aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to install Mitrex range. solar products. It is now possible for homeowners to easily adopt cost-effective energy solutions and move towards affordable off-grid solar power generation.

Speaking about the launch of their product, the CEO of Mitrex Danial Hadizadeh quoted, “Mitrex’s goal is to dive deep into new avenues in the BIPV industry by making monumental change by combining attractive design and solar technology embedded in building materials, making solar energy affordable and easy. to be adopted for each owner. “

Mitrex solar roof panels are manufactured in North America to Mitrex production site. The maximum rated power of the Black Asphalt Mono Module is up to 300W and the maximum open circuit voltage is up to 1000V while the Black Slate Mono Module produces up to 350W of maximum rated power and up to 1000V of maximum voltage in open circuit, they measure 2035x1016mm (80×40 inch) respectively. The power temperature coefficient of the product is -0.36% per Celsius, and it comes in various customizable colors and patterns.

Key specs:

  • Anti-reflective and anti-fouling coating to improve efficiency.
  • Hidden frame and standard frame options.
  • Pattern and color options.
  • Same method of installation as traditional solar panels.

About Mitrex: At Mitrex, we believe that the essence of innovation is improvement and advancement. Our products are particularly innovative as they bridge the gap faced by residential markets and help overcome the challenges of traditional building materials and solar panels. Through the integration, we have created a solution – Solar Building Materials, which has no design limitations. This enables the construction industry, including all architects, developers and building owners, to have man-made power-generating structures, where every surface touched by the sun generates clean, renewable energy. . For more information about the company, visit


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