NY PPE Maker Says Pandemic Highlights Importance of Domestic Manufacturing Amid Increased Outsourcing

The president of an American manufacturer of personal protective equipment that sources and produces entirely in the United States has warned that endangering the future of American industry and domestic manufacturing could be catastrophic for the chains of supply and for ordinary Americans

Michel Liberator, president of HPK Industries in Frankfort, New York – outside of Utica – told “The Ingraham Angle” that the strength of his business is that its products are made in the United States, and that strength has been illustrated in spades when the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020.

Liberatore told host Laura Ingraham that 99% of the PPE used in the United States is either of Asian origin or produced in Asia – which caused an immediate problem when transoceanic trade stopped at the start of the pandemic.

“My company was started in 1985 by my father Anthony. I joined in 86 and since the mid-80s we have had a national supply chain, so we have always bought all of our raw materials and components. essential to businesses located in the United States, ”he said.

Host Laura Ingraham noted that many other companies source materials for many of their products, even if they are made in the United States, from China, India or the Philippines.

Liberatore responded that HPK was the only company in the PPE industry that “made all of my products in the United States”.

He explained that HPK was able to continue production without a hitch and did not depend at all on foreign countries to continue manufacturing – and thus continue to employ and pay its workforce.

“When the pandemic hit, I had millions of pounds of PPE fabric in my warehouse here in upstate New York, so we were in a unique position because I had the raw materials. all i needed [when] my business really exploded in 2020. “

While other companies during the pandemic suffered supply chain disruptions and had to lay off workers for one reason or another, HPK has “tripled” its workforce, Liberatore told Fox News.

HPK also erected a new building during the pandemic, and Liberatore thanked Andrew Cuomo’s then administration for helping this project get started.

Ingraham went on to note that many companies and executives like to point out that foreign labor is generally cheaper when it comes to manufacturing – to which Liberatore pointed out that there is a base of important customers who don’t want to risk unforeseen problems with foreign supply chains and “don’t want to take the risk”.

“We stepped in when global companies couldn’t supply their customers,” he said.

Ingraham mentioned that President Biden’s explicit promise to promote “buy[ing] American “that he did in July turns out to be a lie – given that his administration is also” hijacked by globalist forces. “


Ingraham said Biden’s “war on oil and gas” had further undermined his “buy-to-America” ​​policy – One of Biden’s inaugural acts was to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline between Alberta Canada and the Gulf Coast, and the host noted that the PennEast pipeline was canceled this week. after the battles with environmentalists and the State of New Jersey.

“Here’s the gist: Everything Democrats do discourages investment and job creation in the United States, and at the same time, it’s going to encourage, it’s going to cause inflation,” she said. .

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