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Udupi: Minister of Looms and Textiles Shankar B Patil Munenkoppa said the government plans to attract young people from the weaving community to the loom industry and increase the production of loom saris in Udupi hand.
He told the media here on Friday that Udupi hand-woven sarees have very good market potential, due to his demand. He said, “The state is facing a shortage of around 80% for saris. The production by professional weavers of the district meets about 20% of the demand of the national market. To promote hand-weaving, the government plans to open a 20-acre textile park in Karkala, and skills development training for young people will be provided there. The textile park will also promote the ready-to-wear industry.
The minister lamented that traditional hand weaving is on the verge of disappearing, as the younger generation is not interested in the hereditary profession. “The senior members of the weaving community, whom I have met today, hope that future generations will continue the profession. The government intends to provide skills development training to family members engaged in hand weaving. The proposed textile park in Udupi will have a separate training center for the development of skills in weaving looms for young people. The government will put in place programs to attract young people to the hand-weaving industry, ”he said.
“The government has already decided to treat hand weavers as farmers and extend the benefits of various programs to them. Monetary aid is credited to the bank accounts of the hand weavers, through the Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana, and Rs 122 crore is set aside for the grants to be given to them. The textile department employs over 12 lakhs in the weaving, handloom and textile industries in the state, ”he said.
“A team of technical experts from the textile industry will be sent to Udupi to solve various problems related to traditional hand-weaving methods. On the basis of their report, the government will take the necessary measures to promote hand weaving. Young people are not interested in a vocation for lack of sufficient income. Therefore, the leaders of the weaving community will be invited to a meeting in Bangalore, and plans will be made to increase their income, ”the minister said.
State policy on ethanol
He said a state ethanol policy will be introduced to increase ethanol production in the state.
He said ethanol can be produced using sugar cane, paddy and corn grown in the state. “A team of state experts will visit Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, where ethanol is produced in large quantities. I will also hold a meeting with the central government in this regard. Those who produce ethanol will receive subsidies and government support. This will not only increase ethanol production, but also increase farmers’ profits. The state sugar industries will also benefit from this decision, ”he said.
Ethanol produced in Karnataka will be bought by the government, and the same will be sold to oil companies. All sugar factories in the state that have applied for a license to manufacture ethanol will be given an authorization, he added.
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