SNP MP warns of delays in setting up UK-EU assembly slowing response to Brexit issues

Under the EU Withdrawal Agreement, there should have been a joint assembly established with 35 members on each side to oversee issues caused by Britain’s withdrawal, such as Ireland’s Protocol of North.

With the European Parliament ready to go, SNP foreign affairs spokeswoman Alyn Smith has now urged the UK government to speed up the process.

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He said: “This Parliamentary Assembly should have been constituted a long time ago. It will be essential to keep an eye on the many problems Brexit has caused and to hold the UK government and the European Commission to account, as we currently have an unelected non-responsible Lord representing the UK, apparently on the move. to let loose without control.

MP Alyn Smith has warned that delays in setting up the UK-EU parliamentary assembly are slowing the response to Brexit issues.

“We are already seeing the impact of Brexit and the UK government needs to do more to address these issues.

“It is really important that we do not stray from the mainstream of the EU and this forum will, I hope, be essential in identifying problems before they turn into crises.

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“The European Parliament has sided with them. The UK dragging its feet at this point can only be to avoid scrutiny and it’s a bad show. “

The Scotsman understands the EU was happy with the speed of the initial talks.

The Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office, Susanne Oberhauser, said: “The European Parliament attaches great importance to the establishment of the EU-UK Partnership Parliamentary Assembly.

“As soon as the ratification of the TCA was completed at the end of April, contacts were made between the President of the European Parliament, the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords regarding the modalities of setting up this assembly, especially with regard to the size of the assembly.

“The European Parliament now looks forward to the UK side finalizing its internal procedures and setting up its delegation, so that the Partnership Parliamentary Assembly can hold its first constitutive meeting in the coming months.”

The UK government did not respond to requests for comment.

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