Tendon Manufacturing Provided Employee Stability During Pandemic: Top Workplaces 2021

CLEVELAND, Ohio – As COVID ravaged the world, Tendon Manufacturing provided stability for its employees.

The Warrensville Heights metal maker wanted to make sure its employees knew Tendon was going nowhere and their jobs were safe, offering time off, unlimited overtime, face masks and hand sanitizer for families .

“If they needed time off, take it,” said Michael Gordon Jr., Tendon’s sales manager. “If they weren’t comfortable working a busy shift, we would move people to other shifts. We wanted Tendon to be the last thing our employees worried about. “

Tendon has ranked No. 1 in the workplace among small businesses in Greater Cleveland for 2021, the fifth consecutive year it has been on the list and the second consecutive year it has won honors.

For the List of the best places to work 2021, cleveland.com and the Plain Dealer compiled 175 Notable Northeast Ohio Employers, based on employee surveys. We focused on their responses and adaptations during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s very gratifying to see that our people enjoy working at Tendon as much as they do,” said Gordon. “We take great pride in making sure that Tendon is not like every other company. Seeing that our employees feel the same makes all of our efforts worth it. “

The company was co-founded in 1988 by Michael Gordon Sr., president and chief executive officer of the company and Gary Tench, vice president and chief operating officer. The name Tendon is derived from their last names.

The manufacturing company specializes in the manufacture of sheets and coatings, laser cutting of parts, welding, machining and assembly to the design of prototypes and 3D printing. The company hired employees last spring to meet customer demands during the pandemic, including ultraviolet air purifiers for office buildings and restaurants and UV disinfection machines for hospitals, post offices. police and emergency vehicles.

Gordon said what makes Tendon different from other companies is that it empowers every employee to be responsible for their career.

“We’re not here to put a square peg in a round hole,” Gordon Jr. said. “If an employee doesn’t like working in a department, we have ten other departments they can try.

He noted that each employee has a skills matrix that allows them to see where they can make more money in different departments by learning new skills and said this allows them to avoid “working hours”. defined as normal businesses.

“Things happen in life. Children get sick. Cars break down, etc. As long as each employee gets their 40 hours, we don’t care when they arrive, ”said Gordon Jr.

Gordon Jr. said his definition of a “Top Workplace” is a company or business that puts work in the backseat while employees are in the driver’s seat.

“When you take care of your employees, they take care of your customers,” he said.

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