The Democratic-controlled New York Legislature will take charge of reshuffling district lines for the Senate, Assembly and Congress

STATEN ISLAND, NY – New York’s Democratic-controlled legislature will take charge of drawing the lines of the state’s Senate, Assembly and congressional districts after an independent commission, the first of its kind, n failed to find a compromise.

After the Legislature rejected a pair of duel card proposals from commission members associated with Democrats and Republicans earlier this month, the commissioners couldn’t even agree on a next meeting with a date. deadline for Tuesday, members associated with Democrats announced Monday.

“We have repeatedly attempted to schedule a meeting on this date, and our fellow Republicans have refused,” the group wrote.

Now the process will move to the legislature and, for the first time in decades, a single party, the Democrats, fully controls both houses and the governor’s mansion.

A point of contention in the commissioners’ dispute earlier this month arose in the state’s 11th congressional district which covers Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn.

The Democrat-associated map brought the Brooklyn portion of the district into the liberal sway of Sunset Park, while the Republican-associated map introduced more politically diverse areas, like Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst, compared to a review of the New York Times of the 2016 election.

All of this is the result of the 2020 census and is a process that takes place every 10 years. Previously, the process went through the state legislature and governor.

A 2014 amendment to the state Constitution created the NYIRC to manage federal and state district lines in an effort to depoliticize the process. Redistricting for city council seats is governed by a different local process.

National attention has shifted to New York as Democrats try to hold on to their slim majority in the House of Representatives, and redistricting the Empire State could provide one of their best tools to do just that.

With the New York primaries scheduled for June, the maps will need to be completed soon.

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