The Richmond Observer – RichmondCC partners with Huvepharma for personalized training

HAMLET — Richmond Community College has partnered with Huvepharma to provide customized training for its employees, including training in math, biology and chemistry.

Huvepharma is a rapidly growing global pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of human and animal health and nutrition products. The company has a 50-acre campus in Maxton that specializes in producing poultry vaccines that prevent coccidiosis in chickens.

“Our site produces a live coccidiosis vaccine for broilers that is strategic in the control of coccidiosis by stimulating protective immunity and can be used as a biological control method in antibiotic-free production systems. Our team works in a very technical and aseptic process, and we pride ourselves on the quality of the vaccines we produce and the fact that we have a direct impact on the poultry industry,” said David Phillips, campus production manager. by Maxton.

RichmondCC secured funding through the NC Community College System to provide 31 employees with customized training specific to the poultry industry, as well as training in supervisory skills.

RichmondCC Biology Instructor Natalie Thompson will teach on-site biology classes at the Maxton facility. Huvepharma employees who complete math, biology or chemistry courses will receive college credits. Employees will also be trained in the use of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

“The partnership with RichmondCC has been very beneficial as the majority of our production team had little experience in the production of biological vaccines before working with Huvepharma. As a company, we place a high value on the continuous training and development of our employees and RichmondCC helps us provide the additional tools and training needed for our employees as we continue to bring innovative products to the industry. poultry,” Phillips said.

The bespoke training project, which includes more than 20 courses, has an estimated value of $42,264. This is a capital investment of $1,881,584 for Huevpharma.

“We appreciate our partnership with innovative companies like Huevpharma and what they are doing for the poultry industry,” said Dr. Dale McInnis, President of RichmondCC. “Our aim is to connect them with funding and training opportunities that support their growth and investment in the county of Scotland.”

Through the customized training program, RichmondCC supported the maintenance of 191 jobs and the creation of 56 new jobs in 2020-2021.

Huvepharma Manufacturing Site Manager Greg Vance gives Director of Custom Training Lee Eller and Dr. Dale McInnis, President of Richmond Community College, a tour of Maxton’s facilities.

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