The rising stars of the electric vehicle industry for 2021

  • The electric vehicle industry is about to take off.
  • We asked for nominations for the brightest young stars in the industry.
  • To be eligible for the list, nominees had to be 29 years of age or younger at the end of July.
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The electric vehicle industry is gaining momentum, with the emergence of a new group of startups to take on the companies that have dominated the automotive and tech industries for decades. Some promise high-powered electric vehicles that could give Tesla and Ford a hard time; others are developing batteries that could make electric vehicles cheaper and more efficient. All of them hope to prove that they can turn their ideas into reality.

But these companies have years of work ahead of them and may need generations of leaders to become Toyota or LG Chem-wide giants.

To predict who might pick up the baton after today’s founders and CEOs leave, Insider identified those who had a disproportionate effect early in their careers and could become the EV industry leaders of tomorrow. To be eligible for this list, nominees had to be 29 or younger at the end of July (some selected were 30 years old before publication).

Read on to meet the rising stars of the burgeoning electric vehicle industry.

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