Time and time again, Malaysian packaging printers invest in advanced Heidelberg production technology made in China

The Percetakan Konta packaging company in Perai, Penang State has been a loyal Heidelberg customer for many years and has been using China-made Speedmaster technology in its production operations since 2017.

  • Strong growth forecast for the packaging market in Malaysia
  • Coronavirus pandemic boosts production of folding cartons

The packaging market in Malaysia has experienced strong growth in recent years. An annual growth rate of 3.8% has been forecast for the period 2019 to 2024, and the folding box segment is expected to be the main growth driver (source: Global Data).

The coronavirus pandemic has given new impetus to this development. Strong cardboard packaging for medical products, masks and gloves are in particular demand. This growth has led packaging printers in Malaysia to invest in advanced production technologies. To a large extent, these companies rely on Heidelberg’s advanced sheet-fed offset technology, in particular the presses manufactured at the Heidelberg site in Shanghai.

Complete system for Percetakan Konta
Percetakan Konta is based in Perai, North Penang State, and has been a loyal Heidelberg customer for many years, winning over with reliable technology and exemplary service.

About six years ago, Percetakan Konta replaced an old Speedmaster CD 102 with a new Speedmaster four-color press with coating unit from the Heidelberg plant at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site in Germany. In 2017, this press was joined by a Speedmaster CD 102-5 + L made in China. The next investment came just a year later in the form of a Speedmaster CD 102-4 + L, also manufactured at the Chinese plant in Shanghai.

Along with this third sheetfed offset press, Percetakan Konta also ordered a Diana Eye 55 off-line inspection system. This system inspects the quality of the finished folding carton blanks at a speed of 300 meters per minute. In addition to identifying print image and font errors, high-resolution camera technology analyzes the gloss levels of coated packaging, blind and foil embossing and holograms. An OCR (optical character recognition) function also detects incorrect characters, punctuation marks, accents and decimals. In 2020, Masterwork’s Diana Eye 55 was joined by a second identical inspection system and a Suprasetter 106 CtP platesetter with Prinect Production Manager packaging workflow.

Vivar Printing invests in packaging printing
Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd (Vivar) was founded in 1985. During the first and a half decades of its existence, the main specialty of the company was the production of books. In 2010, Vivar recognized the opportunities offered by the growing packaging market. It first invested in the flexible packaging segment and then moved into the production of folding boxes, which involved setting up an official packaging division and investing in a Speedmaster CX 75-5 + L from Heidelberg. This five-color sheetfed offset press with coating unit provided Vivar with a robust printing system based on a design principle that suited both commercial products and high-quality packaging. “The main features of the Speedmaster CX 75-5 + L include quick and easy job changes, exceptional print results and high net outputs,” says Kok Wai, Managing Director of Vivar, who describes this press as perfectly. adapted to the needs of his business. Barely a month after the Speedmaster CX 75 went into service, Vivar made its next big investment and ordered a Speedmaster CD 102-5 + L from Heidelberg. The contract for the 70 x 100-sheet five-color press with coating unit, which was manufactured in Shanghai, was signed in November 2020 and began operating in March 2021.

Book production has remained a cornerstone at Vivar, but Kok Wai insists entering the rapidly growing folding box market was the right move. Although his company’s sales fell significantly last year due to COVID-19, he is optimistic for 2021. “In our opinion, packaging production offers great growth potential that will shape the development of our business. in the years to come, ”he says.

Seven Speedmaster presses in the printing industry from Tiong Tat
The press room of Tiong Tat Printing Industry (Tiong Tat) has six Speedmaster CD 102 presses and one Speedmaster XL 105. For the sake of productivity, the majority are raised presses. The latest Speedmaster CD 102-5 + L – the company’s third Speedmaster press to be manufactured at the Shanghai plant – entered service in July 2020. Prinect Production controls the workflow based on volumes and Tiong Tat uses a Suprasetter 106 for CtP operations. Two Masterwork Machinery Easymatrix 106 CS die-cut and strip cutters have been operating in the postpress section since 2018. ”said General Manager Tan Jock Hong, who has won several awards for his leadership qualities.

Tiong Tat started in 1993 with a single used press and a production area of ​​around 130 square meters. Today, this has reached a total area of ​​almost 8,000 square meters, making the company one of the largest packaging printing companies in Malaysia. The packaging of hygiene gloves is its main market. Tiong Tat prides itself on being a market leader and demand is increasing, as confirmed by Tan Jock Hong. “In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, we decided to expand our sheetfed offset capabilities,” she reveals, calling this step the right decision at the right time and stressing that the company has again obtained excellent advice. and support from Heidelberg. .

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