West Bengal: public holiday announced in three Assembly constituencies

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee | Photo credit: ANI

Calcutta: The West Bengal government on Monday issued a memorandum declaring a public holiday on September 30 in three Assembly constituencies where elections will be held. The constituencies of Samserganj and Jangipur will go to the elections while secondary polls will take place in the highly anticipated seat of Bhabanipur.

The government issued a memorandum which reads: “In view of the timing of the elections for Assembly constituency 56-Samsergan and 58-Jangipur and the by-election for Assembly constituency 159-Bhabanipur which be held on September 30, 2021 (Thursday) empty Press Note from the Election Commission of India, the undersigned is responsible for declaring said Election Day a public holiday. “

“The Department of Labor will give appropriate instructions to shops, commercial and industrial establishments to declare said polling date as a paid public holiday for workers in the Assembly constituencies concerned to enable them to exercise their right to vote on the day. of the election, “he added.

The day before the polling date, i.e. September 29, being the date of dispatch, will be declared as a local holiday for educational institutions, government offices, statutory and local bodies, etc. located in the three constituencies that will be used as polling stations, distribution center-cum-reception sector office or for any other purpose related to the elections for the proper conduct of the ballot.


If the voting process continues until late hours on September 30, resulting in the late release of election officials from the reception center, making it difficult for them to show up to the office on time on October 1, a special leave may be granted to these employees during the month of October. 1.

He further said that if voting continues until late on September 30, special leave may be granted to polling staff for October 1.

All three constituencies will go to the polls on September 30 and all eyes will be on the Bhabanipur poll, from where Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will run to save her chair.

The election results will be announced on October 3.

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